German shoe importer, The Deichmann Group, has announced that it is to increase its purchases from Indian shoe makers from two million pairs to five million pairs.

The increased order, which will supply the groups 2,000 retail stores across Europe and the US, is thought to be around 1.20bn Rupees and will guarantee employment for more than 60,000 workers.

Traders in India are hoping that the move by the Deichmann Group may lead to a trend of German companies looking to outsource from India and move trade away other exporters in China and Vietnam.

In the 1999-2000 financial India recorded 1972.49m Rupees of leather shoes exported to Germany, a drop of almost five per cent on the previous year. Exporters are hoping that the new order will see a revival of exports to Germany.

The Deichmann Group is currently associated with a number of social projects in South India, supporting the underprivileged in terms of education, training and health care.