Delta Apparel has signed a new licensing agreement as an exclusive marketer of the Salt Life beach apparel and accessories brand.

First launched in 2006, Salt Life has grown to record more than US$6m in annual sales, through surf shops, speciality stores and sporting goods retailers.

The agreement gives Delta exclusive rights for all apparel, headwear, decals and bags, along with the operation of the brand’s e-commerce store.

“Salt Life is a widely recognised sub-culture amidst four unique market segments – surfers, divers, fishermen and beach-goers,” said Robert Humphreys, chairman and CEO of Delta Apparel.

“Our vision is to develop authentic and compelling product for each of these groups of enthusiasts.

“We are confident that our combined experience will allow us to successfully open new channels of distribution, attract new customers, expand the product offerings and provide meaningful growth opportunities for the future.”