Avery Dennison, Motorola and Vue Technology plan to run a live "Dock to Stock" demonstration at the RFID Journal-AAFA Apparel & Footwear Summit.

The demonstration, from the 20 to 22 August, shows the benefits of RFID, from manufacturing and distribution to a store's back and front end, organisers said.

It will showcase in-plant printing for source tagging, association of item-level tags to carton tags, generation of advance shipping notices, shipping order verification; automated receiving, near-real-time item-level inventory visibility, with notifications of out-of-stocks, automated replenishment and identification of misplaced items and a customer-facing RFID application.

"Each of these applications has significant benefits for apparel and footwear manufacturers and retailers," said Phil Calderbank, director of global marketing for RFID and security at Avery Dennison's Information & Brand Management Division. "When you put them together in an end-to-end solution, the way we have with our partners, the return on investment is tremendous."

The summit will feature speakers from companies that are using RFID, including Bill Holder, CIO of Dillard's, Frank Cornelius, RFID project leader for New Balance, Cristian Astaburuaga, RFID project team leader of Falabella, Bridget Chan, CIO of Esquel Group and Philip Calderbank, director of global marketing for RFID and security at Avery-Dennison RFID.