Isko has extended its portfolio of denim fabrics and finishes

Isko has extended its portfolio of denim fabrics and finishes

Turkey-based denim manufacturer Isko has extended its portfolio of fabrics and finishes with a new seasonal range. 

Isko's more authentic, contemporary line – TrueBlu – now comprises more colours and styles. Isko Lightweights was designed to satisfy aesthetics and comfort, offering a more natural and soft feel, with different fibre combinations available. A new summer colour option of 'zesty indigo' will be available.

New Isko Pop is a patented technology designed to enhance the softness and brightness of fabric in two different materials: stretch; and rigid. The former has a "drapey and soft hand feel, combined with a clean and chic look". The latter has a variety of constructions and weights for different types of silhouettes and new bright colours, available for both vintage and modern styles.

Isko Reform fabrics, designed to flatter and lengthen the silhouette, now has two variants. Reform HP offers more holding power and more weight option, while Reform XP is a "super-easy stretch" fabric in a range of weights, shades and textures designed to appeal to a broader audience. 

And, Isko's BeyondBlu coatings for non-denim lifestyles now includes brighter colour palettes for lighter weight fabrics, while Isko Future Face - a patented weaving technology with a sporty look – now has "light to heavy constructions" and unique colour options.