Turkish denim maker Orta has released the company’s first CSR report, claimed as a first of its kind by a major player in the denim manufacturing industry.

The report, which covers 2011, considers the Turkish company’s efforts in a number of areas, including energy and water consumption, chemical waste and human resources.

Orta, which produces more than 60m metres of denim a year and founded a sustainability division, Orta Blu, in 2010, said each subsequent report would chart the company’s progress from this point.

“Sustanability is always a work in progress, a challenge constantly revealing new angles of approaching a problem that we considered solved,” said Orta CEO Attila Kiyat.

“Our work does not end within the geographical boundaries of our offices and factories. It really begins when the cotton we buy to make our denim is picked in the fields.”

Issues of concern, he added, were poor labour practices, the unsafe use of pesticides and excessive water consumption.

Orta also highlighted the fact that it had joined the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), with Kiyat arguing that “it would make little sense to be a clean factory that uses unsustainable cotton”.

He added: “Turkey is a highly active producer of cotton and, since our acceptance into BCI, we have worked with many local growers to help them transition their practices.”