Guatemala’s leading fashion denim producer, Denimatrix, is implementing Fast React’s Evolve manufacturing planning and control solution to help reduce lead times and work in progress, as well as improving productivity.

The manufacturer, which is based in Guatemala City, produces fashion denim jeans for premium brands and retailers, including Abercrombie & Fitch, True Religion and Quicksilver.

With around 2,000 workers, Denimatrix is one of the largest denim apparel manufacturers in the western hemisphere, and has a reputation for high quality, innovative, ‘on trend’ products, frequently with a distinctive vintage feel.

It also offers vertically integrated solutions, coordinating product development from yarn to garment finishing in a way that maximises innovation at competitive prices.

"As part of a strategy to accelerate profitable business growth, and respond to market and customer demands for increased flexibility and reduced lead time, whilst maintaining price points, we have undertaken a detailed review of business processes and systems," explains Erik Johannessen, CIO at Denimatrix.

"During this exercise, it became clear that the largely manual methods for manufacturing planning and control so common in the industry were very labour intensive and did not provide the level of visibility, control and efficiency that the business required to take performance to the next level."

Fast React’s Evolve planning and control solution provides a single point of reference for all departments, and supports fast, accurate and efficient planning by simultaneously and dynamically considering the three key planning criteria: capacity (primary and secondary), pre-production critical path (time and action) and materials.

Evolve is a modular tool, and the modules and configuration for Denimatrix will include line level planning of sewing and the scheduling of secondary operations, host order substitution, full critical path management (with clear priorities and early warning of potential issues) and full materials requirements planning (MRP).

The project which is expected to deliver a return on investment of less than seven months.