Italian apparel designer and manufacturer G&P Net, the producer of brands such as GeoSpirit and Peuterey, has invested in a million plus tag RFID garment tracking system to enhance the visibility of its supply chain across Europe.

The installation by US-based Alien Technology and local firm Aton, provides end-to-end RFID traceability of products such as coats, jackets, trousers and shirts from manufacturing through distribution.

As Luca Isidori, ICT manager at G&P Net explains: "We previously didn't have adequate control of our distribution channels or the grey market, but now we have 100% supply chain inventory and channel management control.

"We can take inventory in just a fraction of the time and we have implemented monthly inventory checks at all of our channel retail stores.

"This increased visibility greatly reduces out-of-stocks which leads to better sales turnover."

The company invested in high performance readers and Higgs-3 based inlays to tag each garment - providing virtually instantaneous reads of more than 300 garments packed in a shipping box as they leave the production site.