European retail software provider Detego, which specialises in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, has developed a new mobile solution designed to give retailers a faster and cheaper way to monitor the movement of their goods.

Detego's InStore Lean Edition provides a "quick-start" solution for retailers that want to start small and possibly scale over the entire store network later on. Available via the cloud, it is being targeted at retail chains, pop-ups, franchisees and brand store owners that don't necessarily want to invest in large-scale IT projects.

Thanks to imbedded radio-frequency identity (RFID) tags on every product, benefits include being able to painlessly carry out stock-takes on smartphones and what the company claims is near 100% inventory accuracy, meaning fewer gaps on the shelves and no lost sales from missing sizes.

"Most retailers are aware of the advantages of RFID and want to constantly monitor the movement of goods, but many are put off by the perceived high costs of system integration," explains Detego CEO Uwe Hennig. "With the cost of tags having fallen dramatically over the last few years, the time is right to launch a new, leaner version of our software so that retailers can quickly see for themselves the gains being made in smart tracking devices and the endless opportunities of joining the Internet of Things."

The new software allows retailers to constantly monitor inventory in real-time and automate the replenishment process, improving both the availability of products and customer service. A clear path of scaling makes it possible to roll-out the software and later add other Detego products or functions at any time, including additional applications for all in-store processes and omni-channel services such as 'click&collect', as well as managing inventory throughout the supply chain, and comprehensive analytical features.

In August, the company revealed it is using artificial intelligence to help tackle stock shortages as shoppers continue to grapple with missing sizes and gaps on shelves.

AI software helping to tackle stock shortages