European retail software provider Detego, which specialises in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, has developed new software designed to support retailers in their consumer engagement strategies.

As part of its omni-channel retailing software suite, Detego InChannels bridges the gap between online and bricks-and-mortar retailing by using more digital touchpoints in stores. These include digitally connected 'smart fitting rooms' and interactive screens on the sales floor, as well as the introduction of a new Detego chatbot that accompanies customers throughout the entire buying process at any time on a customer's smartphone.

Detego's Smart Fitting Rooms technology allow customers to directly communicate with store personnel via interactive screens in the fitting room and request other products or sizes be brought to them, or be delivered to other locations.

According to the company, a global sportswear retailer is currently rolling out the concept across its store estate, including arming its staff with iWatches to help guide them with more informative, real-time information.

Founded in 2011, the London-based company develops and distributes a suite of software products that provide real-time analysis and article transparency, which helps prevent out-of- stock situations and ensure optimal product availability for fashion retailers.

Meanwhile, its new software provides reliable data on the number of articles that have been tried on and sold or not, with fitting room conversion rates unique to the system. 

In addition, social media feeds built into Detego InChannels give customers the ability to post recommendations or share outfits with their followers, boosting customer engagement and increasing interaction across a broader range of products.

Detego claims that its software's more precise and intelligent product recommendations - based on using real-time data on product availability - can increase sales and reduce the number of unnecessary markdowns. For instance, only articles that are currently in-stock are flagged up and the intelligent system can even be used to encourage more sales of otherwise slower-selling or higher margin items.

"Retailers have to adapt their store processes to the expectations of a new, digital customer using more modern-day technologies that bring the customer, store and online worlds together for good," says Uwe Hennig, CEO at Detego.

Last month, Detego partnered with SAP to offer in-store analytics fully integrated on the SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP and Detego deal gives inventory insight