The Devan Chemicals Group has bought Portuguese company Micropolis SA, which develops micro-encapsulation and hydrogel technology for use in textiles.

Micropolis, based in Porto, is a spin-off from Minho University and, with financial support from the Venture Capital company Inovcapital, has worked for more than five years in the development of reactive microcapsules.

The company employs five qualified engineers working closely with several Portuguese universities such as Minho and Guimaraes Universities in order to expand its research.

With 29 employees in Belgium and 11 employees around the world, Devan Chemicals develops chemical technology for the textile industry.

The company's main activities are concerned with antimicrobials, flame retardants, special functional polymers, micro-encapsulation and polymer additives with the final goal of "protecting textiles", the company said.

A patented technology of Micropolis allows the fixation of microcapsules on any type of textile (cellulosic, synthetic, wool) without the use of a binder.