Devan Chemicals has launched a new multifunctional antimicrobial line that enables textile manufacturers to apply a range of functional finishes via one single treatment.

The range from the Belgian-based provider of specialty textile finishing technologies consists of its recently rebranded Bi-Ome quat-silane antimicrobial solution, combined with extra features.

  • Bi-Ome Quick dry combines the antimicrobial properties (for odour control) with advanced moisture management properties to promote efficient and faster evaporation to aid cooling and comfort.
  • Bi-Ome Stretch combines the antimicrobial solution with stretch recovery properties for better fit.
  • Bi-Ome AV has an antiviral activity in addition to its antimicrobial properties.

Devan's antimicrobial technology does not use silver, is non-migrating, and is widely used for applications including apparel where it is supported by a cross-border support package that includes mill training and quality control. It is also said to be fully BPR (the EU's biocidal products regulation) and EPA (the US Environmental Protection Agency) compliant, and is Oekotex and Bluesign registered.