Information Management Institute Inc, IT Strategies and will be hosting the 4th Annual Digital Printing of Textiles Conference November 13-15, 2000 in Atlanta, GA.Digital printing of textiles is an application that presents both tremendous opportunities and significant challenges for the industry. The current worldwide production of printed textile fabric is approximately 34 billion square yards and is dominated by rotary screen printing. During the past five years, the textile printing industry has expressed great interest in using digital printing technologies in the design and sampling process. And now, digital printing solutions are evolving to enable short run production printing to meet industry requirements.Digital textile printing advantages over conventional printing are significant, including quick turn-around, efficient set-up, lower costs and increased flexibility. However, many technical and industry infrastructure challenges must be overcome for digital printing to achieve significant market penetration. This unique conference program will address the technology developments, standards issues, applications requirements and other critical issues in the ongoing digital textile printing evolution.The 3 day conference will provide the opportunity to learn the current state of the art from recognized experts and leaders. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the significant market potential for digital printing of textiles, receive an appreciation for the challenges and issues requiring attention if digital textile printing is to expand inimportance in the commercial textile world, establish personal relationships with key players, as well as gain knowledge of the technology developments being made.For further information and online registration, visit