Xennia Technology, a unit of protective fabric maker Royal Ten Cate, has developed a full-scale demonstration model of its new diagonal multi-pass digital inkjet textile printing system.

The company has teamed up with Italian firm Reggiani Macchine to produce the equipment, which will be used to print and apply finishes and coatings to textile materials in an industrial production environment.

The unit incorporates Xennia's inkjet modules, while a combination of continuous substrate movement and diagonal print head movement eliminates the banding issues that can occur with a normal step and scan system. There is a wide print carriage, which gives high throughput even on very wide webs.

The first demonstration model has 16 print heads, giving a throughput of 360 m2 per hour. Xennia are currently developing a second prototype with double the amount of print heads giving twice the throughput.

The digital textile printer has taken just four months to develop since the concept was first revealed in February, and Reggiani plans to commercially launch the new production systems onto the market in early 2011.