Christian Dior Group posted a profit of EUR1.54bn (US$2.37bn) in the first half of 2008, with couture sales rising 5%.

Dior pointed out that the improved performance came amid "an unfavourable economic and currency environment" and strong comparative figures from last year.

Revenues surged 11% to EUR8.2bn. Group share of net profit was EUR352m, down slightly on last year's figure of EUR358m.

LVMH revenues were up 12% to EUR7.8bn, with profit up 7% to EUR1.54bn. LVMH group share of net profit was EUR891m

 Christian Dior Couture revenues hit EUR366m in the first half, up 5%, thanks to strong growth in emerging markets, particularly the Middle East, China and Russia, as well as in Europe.

The company confirmed its objective of achieving "a tangible increase" in its full-year 2008 results.