With the eyes of the world's tennis enthusiasts turning once again to Wimbledon, the latest fashion news from the UK sports footwear scene is that 'dirty' shoes will be back on court for a second season as the stars of the Dunlop Greenflash range.

First introduced in 200l the classically retro styled shoes come in a fabric that has been distressed to lend it a well-worn look. Initially seen as a limited edition novelty, selling at just under £50 a pair, the shoes proved so popular that they have been carried through for a second season and are reported to be selling equally well this year.

The dirty shoe now has a companion however. At the Vietnamese factory where the range is produced, technicians have been instructed to replicate the look of a tennis shoe treated with old fashioned 'blanco' which becomes cracked as it dries out in the sun These fake 'antique' shoes should be in the hands of Dunlop stockists in the UK and overseas to coincide with the start of the London championships on 24 June.

By Sonia Roberts.