In keeping with the most successful campaign in the brand's history, Dockers is gearing up to launch yet another twist on its Nice Pants advertising campaign. On the heels of a successful primetime television campaign currently airing nationally and in 13 spot markets during its 10-week spring and summer run, the new fall print campaign has been tailored to Dockers collections for women and will be introduced in September magazines.

The campaign, entitled 'Wouldn't It Be Nice?' is comprised of nine ads that blend inspiring visuals with clever copy. Each execution features a different woman wearing a stylish Dockers ensemble, captured taking time out of her day for a playful moment. Stylish, humorous and friendly - each ad shows the spirited role Dockers plays in the lives of these women.

"We stretched beyond the traditional with this take on the Nice Pants campaign because we want to tap into an experience, that moment in time today's woman can relate to," said Diane Jones Lowrey, consumer marketing manager, Dockers For Women. "Each ad has its own interpretation of the Nice Pants tagline and features a message that resonates with our busy female audience; capturing those unplanned moments during the day that can be so special and personal."

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

A selection of positive attitudes portrayed in situations that would be especially 'Nice' are humorously brought to life through colorful photographs of women enjoying a carefree moment in their Dockers outfit, completed with an inspirational line of copy. One ad depicts a woman doing a handstand in her office hallway and the tagline reads: 'Wouldn't It Be Nice If Casual Fridays Were About More Than Just The Pants?' In another, a woman leaps onto her bicycle, caught in mid-air: 'Wouldn't It Be Nice To Act Our Pants Size, Not Our Age?'

Ads are scheduled to run September through November in national publications including Glamour, In Style, Self, Martha Stewart Living, Latina, Vogue, O - The Oprah Magazine and Real Simple, among other select monthly magazines. 'Wouldn't It Be Nice?' is a print advertising campaign created by Foote, Cone & Belding, San Francisco. Creative director Brian Bacino leads the development of this campaign along with art director Robert Lussier. Jennifer Larson wrote the copy. Photographer Peggy Sirota shot six of the nine executions. Anne Menke photographed three.

To accentuate the Dockers ensemble brand, which offers "more than just pants," the ads will feature a product mix of tops and bottoms, belts and shoes from the Dockers collections. Two of the nine executions will highlight the brand's leather outerwear and shoe collections exclusively.

The Dockers collection features shirts and pants in blended fabrications and new colors, to shoes and belts. Dockers outerwear features leather and a variety of fabric coats and jackets.

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