The US Department of Defense (DoD) has taken its first steps towards introducing new changes and strategies to the procurement of clothing and textile-based items.

From last Wednesday (1 October), the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) began implementing a more efficient, accurate and successful procurement system.   

This will include the more timely award of contracts, narrower spreads between minimums and maximums and a new look at the shade evaluation process.   

The changes are in line with the Berry Amendment, which states that military uniform items for soldiers must be bought from American businesses, using American-grown material, sewn by American workers. 

Discussions have been going on for the past two years between representatives from the military services, DSCP and DLA and a coalition representing the entire supply chain of the domestic textile and apparel companies serving the military.

The coalition - the so-called Group of Six - includes industry representatives from American Apparel & Footwear Association, the National Textile Association, the Parachute Industry Association, Clemson Apparel Research and the United States Industrial Fabrics Institute.