Dodger Industries is to relocate and consolidate its Iowa manufacturing operations in Eldora and Eagle Grove with production facilities in North Carolina.
Competitive pressure from foreign manufacturers and the prolonged decline of the retail sports apparel market are to blame. Instead, Dodger says it will focus on team sports apparel and to reconfigure its manufacturing facilities in order to compete.
Dodger Industries' executive offices, sales department, order entry, customer service, purchasing and administration will remain in Eldora.

"This action on Dodger's part is a consolidation of manufacturing facilities, not a reduction in manufacturing capacity. The purpose is to shorten our manufacturing pipeline and to reduce transportation and handling costs," the company's president Bob Johns said in a statement.
He added: "This move is not a reaction to slow business. It is a positive move so that we can compete more effectively in the team sports apparel business. We do not expect to reduce our workforce from normal, seasonally adjusted levels. We also do not expect a reduction in headquarters' staff."