Taiwanese manufacturers of filament yarn decided to adjust their domestic sales prices for various specifications by NT$1 per kilogram in November.The price hikes are due to increases in procurement costs of PTA (purified terephthalic acid) and EG (ethylene glycol), materials to make filament yarn, and export orders received by fabric weavers, users of filament yarn. Hualon, a major local spinner of filament yarn, indicated that the price per kilogram of 230-denier filament yarn will be hiked from NT$28 to NT$29. While raising domestic sales prices, main local manufacturers of filament yarn will continue the ongoing joint cutback in production by 30-35 per cent.Meanwhile, local manufacturers of textured yarn plan to follow suit by hiking their domestic sales prices by NT$1-NT$2 per kilogram. At the same time, they will keep reducing production jointly by 20 per cent. Currently, the price per kilogram of textured yarn is NT$33 for the specification of 300 deniers, NT$38 for 150 denier, and NT$51 for 75 deniers. However, whether the price hikes of textured yarn can be accepted by local users will remain uncertain until the middle of November.