Luxury fashion retailer The Donna Karan Co is implementing two software solutions packages from Maple Lake.

QuickAssortment will enable Donna Karan to create in-store and e-commerce store assortment preferences for its customers. QuickAssortment includes merchandise and store planning, store clustering, store assortment planning and key item planning.

QuickAnalytics will provide reporting and analytical capabilities, the firm said. QuickAnalytics provides a comprehensive reporting and analytical capability powered by MicroStrategy.

"In the luxury market we have to be sensitive to the individual preferences of our customers and ensure that we have an assortment that inspires each time they visit our stores," said Donna Sarian, VP Planning and Allocation at Donna Karan. "With Maple Lake we're joining all aspects of our retail planning into a single application, so that we can be sure our products, stores and assortments all balance."