DonnKenny Inc, which designs, manufacturers, imports and markets broad lines of moderately priced women's sportswear labels including Pierre Cardin, Delta Burke, Casey & Max, Victoria Jones, Ann Travis, and Decade Designs, has selected Justwin Technologies' collaborative product commerce solutions to help it keep in control of product development.
Based in New York City, with operations in Wytheville, VA, and distribution in Summerville, SC, DonnKenny's customer base represents approximately 970 accounts, led by JC Penney, Federated, and Wal-Mart. The company employs around 350 employees and generates approximately $150 million in sales annually. The firm's supply chain includes 807 programmes in Latin America and package goods programmes in India and Asia.

"Coordinating and controlling the vast amount of information required to manage our seven-division company had become a tracking nightmare", stated Russ Pierce, chief information officer of DonnKenny. "We operate a large proto and sample department that produces nearly 50,000 samples per year. With this level of activity, we needed to get a handle on exactly what we were doing, and how cost effectively we were doing it. We are implementing Justwin to centralise all the diverse data file formats into a single, manageable access point."

Pierce added that the business now has the capability to bring together the 15 different forms of information that were being used (digital images, text documents, spreadsheets) into a single system that saves time and keeps things from falling through the cracks. "It will give us the ability to track and manage standardized workflow processes through automatic e-mail notification and escalation of tasks that fall behind schedule," he said.