Dow Fiber Solutions is launching a new stretch fibre that resists chlorine degradation as well as protecting against UV light and sunscreen.

The fabric - DOW XLA CP -  is an elastic fibre aimed at the swimwear market. Dow Fibre claims it is the only chlorine-proof stretch fibre on the market at present as well as the world's first olefin-based stretch fibre.

The company says DOW XLA CP can resist harsh chemicals for more than 1,000 hours compared to the 200-300 hours of resistance offered by other stretch materials.

Dow Fiber commercial director Brad Miller said: "Competitive swimmers often have to replace their swimsuits every six to ten competitions, and with the large and expanding number of recreational and competitive swimmers in the US and Europe, there is growing demand for superior performance in a swimwear fibre".

Dow Fiber Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, is dedicated to pioneering innovations for the global textile industry by matching proactive research and development expertise with the creative vision of retailers, designers, and manufacturers.