Unifis Repreve polyester fibre is made from recycled materials such as plastic water bottles

Unifi's Repreve polyester fibre is made from recycled materials such as plastic water bottles

DuPont Industrial Biosciences (DuPont) has partnered with US yarn maker Unifi to develop a high-performance, renewably sourced garment insulation, designed to offer leading apparel brands a new sustainable choice for cold-weather products.

The partnership combines DuPont's renewably sourced Sorona fibre, which is made from 37% renewable plant-based ingredients, and the Repreve recycled filament fibre from Unifi to produce insulation the companies say is soft, extremely durable, and with excellent shape retention.

"The combination of Sorona and Repreve provides brands the opportunity to use a high-performance, durable insulation that dries quickly and keeps its shape even after washing," explains Michael Saltzberg, global business director for biomaterials at DuPont. "The new insulation's unique warmth and durability will bring customers streamlined outerwear, made from eco-friendly materials, while maintaining maximum warmth and breathability."

Made from 37% renewable plant-based ingredients, Sorona uses 30% less energy with 63% fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as compared to Nylon 6.

Repreve meanwhile, is the result of three years of development with quality and performance as the primary goal – and recycled as the added benefit. The high-quality fibre contains recycled materials, including plastic water bottles. Unifi's proprietary process turns plastic bottles into certified fibre, which is then used in thousands of different fabrics and products available globally.

"This collaboration will give customers the freedom to choose a new type of garment insulation – one that is better for the environment without compromising performance," says Ning Hongjun, president Unifi Asia Pacific. "With our expertise in recycled polyester staple fibre and DuPont Industrial Biosciences' industry-leading Sorona, we look forward to seeing this breakthrough technology be widely adopted by leading brands."