Footwear lining manufacturer DuPont Cambrelle has issued a cease and desist notice against US company G&S Products, calling on it to stop referring to its 'Sport 2' line of shoes as containing Cambrelle fabric after tests carried out by DuPont found this was not the case.

Explains Kieran O'Hare, global Cambrelle business manager with DuPont: "For too long now, the Cambrelle name has been wrongly used as a generic description for a sweat-dispersing footwear lining.

"This is in spite of the fact the actual product is a trademark-protected, carefully engineered nonwoven fabric with a distinct set of performance characteristics.

He says that not only is the description of the lining trademarked but also its appearance," as we are also taking action against organisations that have copied the distinct pique pattern of the product."

Through its world-wide trademark infringement programme, DuPont buys suspect items of footwear at random and tests them. Where counterfeit items are discovered, both the footwear brand and retailer are held accountable, as is the manufacturer, and a claim for compensation frequently pursued.