DuPont has applied to BIFSA, the International Bureau for the Standardization of Man-Made Fibres, for a new generic name for its Type 400 (T-400) elastic fibre.

The new product, which is classed under the Lycra umbrella, offers stretch and recovery properties superior to textured yarns, says DuPont, with the added benefits of dimensional stability, easy care and chlorine resistance.

It can be blended with both natural and manmade fibres and lends itself to a wide range of fabrics - including those used in sportswear such as jackets, trousers and tops, along with moderate stretch denims, shirtings and other wovens. As well as having the benefits associated with Lycra, T-400 can be processed more efficiently as it does not have to be covered with nylon - which eliminates an entire step in the manufacturing process. 

SAIC, Parkland, UCO Sportswear, Candiani, Reggiani, Italdenim, Avelana, Burlington Performancewear and Milliken are among the first companies to introduce fabrics featuring this new fibre.

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