Dutch women have overtaken the Scandinavians to the take the title of the tallest women on the earth.

Research by international work wear designers Simon Jersey showed a prolonged growth spurt among the Dutch women, leading many companies to make alterations to several of their designs to ensure that they still fit.

In the past 10 years, Simon Jersey designers have had to add an extra 1-2cm to the length of women's blouses for the Dutch market, both at the back and in the arms.

Simon Jersey's Dutch country manager Lidy Brink said: "Dutch women are without doubt the tallest. By monitoring our customer's comments on particular garments we found that a greater number of women were finding that the arm lengths of blouses were too short and that blouses wouldn't tuck in properly at the back."

The increasing height has also been noted in the high streets with many manufacturers providing retailers with unfinished trousers so the length can be altered to fit the customer.