Dye manufacturer DyStar and yarn manufacturer Tuscorara have announced a partnership to offer new solutions for coloured denim.

Fibre solution ProTura Cotton is a cationic form of cotton which allows textile mills to reduce the chemical, water and energy use in the dyeing process by 50%. Blending regular cotton with ProTura cotton allows designers and product developers a fast, flexible and more sustainable manufacturing process to create heather, pin-striping and bi-colour effects in garments, the companies say.

They add that the combination of Tuscarora's ProTura Cotton, DyStar's pre-reduced Indigo and Lava chemicals and dyes, enables designers and product developers to create endless colour combinations in denim while saving time, money and reducing the environmental impact.

Brands, retailers and their industry partners can also react rapidly to deliver in- demand fashion and colour trends without building excessive inventories.