Singapore-based dye manufacturer DyStar Group is joining forces with waterless dyeing specialist DyeCoo Textile Systems to develop new products.

DyeCoo Textile Systems is the developer of "breakthrough" industrial CO2 dyeing equipment, which replaces water in the dyeing process with carbon dioxide (CO2) to permeate textiles with dyes. It claims to combine 50% less energy with over 25% higher productivity, reducing operating costs by 45%.

The companies say the partnership will pave the way for more ecological products which meet the rigorous demands of the industry - including "huge potential to save water and energy, both of which are top priorities for textile dyers."

"Collaborations like this one are key to further help our ground breaking technology towards global implementation," said DyeCoo CEO Mats Blacker.

"Seeing that the textile industry is growing exponentially, making tangible sustainable and economical viable improvements a reality are not only vital for our planet, but also for the future of the entire industry."

Sporting goods giant Nike is an investor in DyeCoo Textile Systems, with its ColorDry fabric used in polo shirts.