DyStar has won a legal case against a Turkish producer of counterfeit textile dyes that infringed one of its patents – with the win resulting in the destruction of 3.3 tons of the product.

The reactive red dyes were detained at Mersin Free Zones following DyStar's customs application. The Istanbul intellectual property (IP) court subsequently granted a preliminary injunction order, with the defendant agreeing to the destruction and payment of compensation to DyStar before the court's final verdict.

The win is the latest in a drive to eliminate fake versions of DyStar's products in Turkey. So far, under its anti-counterfeiting programme that began in 2013, more than 100 tons of infringing products have been seized in the country.

The enforcement programme involves DyStar recording its patents with Turkish Customs, carrying out training, analysing each of the seized product samples, and taking action over each infringing product by initiating court proceedings where there is no settlement. 

"We are a global leader in developing and providing new products, which are both cost-efficient and environmental-friendly," explains Dr Ulrich Weingarten, DyStar's director of global IP. "Therefore, some companies try to copy our products. However, this turns out to be a costly approach for them with the products being destroyed and compensation paid. This is thanks to our close surveillance of the markets and the excellent cooperation with our legal advisors at Deris [Attorney At Law Partnership] and the Turkish authorities."