Singapore-based dye manufacturer DyStar Group is to introduce a new development in reactive cellulose dyeing later this week, designed to reduce water, waste and energy consumption.

The company, which supplies dyestuffs and auxiliaries to the textile and leather industries, is using Interdye Shanghai for the launch. 

Cadira Reactive will be the first launch under DyStar's Cadira programme, which is part of its overall Resource Efficiency initiative and aims to help brands, retailers and their suppliers save resources and reduce the carbon footprint of their textile goods. 

Other innovations to be shown by Dystar include its new Levafix Eco range for sustainable exhaust and continuous dyeing of cellulosics, which is completely free of p-CA and other regularly controlled amines, and its range of Realan dyes for wool, which provide a metal-free dyeing process. 

The Interdye Shanghai will place in from 13-15 April, at which DyStar's denim team will present its denim solution package, which includes the DyStar Indigo Vat 40% solution, as well as its coatings for different blues and Lava chemicals for fashionable wash effects. 

The company will also present its Dianix XF2 Disperse Dyes which it claims have outstanding fastness performance, combined with a range of problem-solving, auxiliaries and finishing products for modern high-performance outdoor and sportswear. 

In relation to digital printing for fashion, DyStar will showcase its Jettex intense inks based on novel chemistry.