A new tool that has been configured to help apparel retailers to add excitement to their stores, enrich their websites and make shopping more interesting, rewarding and fun is being showcased by Eastman Machine Company in partnership with Telmat Industrie, Browzwear and Scanvec Garment Systems (SGS).

'The Perfect Fit' is a suite of integrated e-apparel retailing applications that will help transform consumer interest into sales says Janir Farber, president of Browzwear. He explains: "The Perfect Fit solution will enable consumers to determine their best fitting size and to virtually try on garments on a 3D model of their own body. The system even makes it easier than ever for apparel retailers to offer garments customised to their exact measurements. For the retailer, the result is increased sales, reduced returns, and greater consumer satisfaction."

Four modules make up the solution.

The first is the Symcad Optifit 3D automated body measurement and image capture system. This is a booth that, in less than a second, can capture the consumer's body image and exact measurements using patented white light projection technology that is fast, accurate and safe.

The Browzwear C-Me application then takes the consumer's body image and measurement data and creates a virtual avatar - an exact replica of the consumer's body shape. The consumer can then virtually try on garments on their avatar and visualise how the garment will look on their body, including the drape and texture of the fabric. And because the Browzwear avatar resides in the consumer's own computer, privacy is assured.

For retailers interested in providing their customers with custom-fit clothing, the SGS Modulate software package offers the capability to modify standard patterns based on the measurement data provided by the Symcad Optifit body scanner.

Finally, Eastman's automated single ply cutters are utilised to cut the customised patterns from single layers of virtually any fabric. While each application may be used independently, together they make "The Perfect Fit" the company states.

Says Roy Stevenson, president of Eastman Machine Company: "The deployment of the Symcad Optifit scanner and Browzwear kiosks will add excitement to the store's retail space and at the same time stimulate consumers to utilise the retailer's web site. By recommending the approproate size, enabling consumers to virtually try on garments, and by making customised apparel easier to deliver, the Perfect Fit will change the face of the apparel industry. Shopping for clothes will be more fun and entertaining, and if the system reduces returns by even 10 per cent it will pay for itself many times over."

The Perfect Fit system is debuting at the Connect IT 2000 exhibition which takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, from Novermber 15-17.

About Eastman
Eastman is a leading manufacturer of production equipment used by the worldwide apparel and sewn product industries. Eastman's products include the M9000 and EC3 automated single ply cutting systems as well as the Symcad Optifit instant 3D capture and automated body measurement system. By joining together with Browzwear and SGS, Eastman is able to offer a complete e-apparel solution that is backed by Eastman's 110-year old reputation for providing outstanding quality, value and service.

About Browzwear
Browzwear specialises in real-time 3D representation of clothing and apparel products, based on a personalised figure (avatar). Browzwear's mission is to become the leading provider of real-time personalised 3D services to the online apparel industry. The company transforms the in-store and shopping experience into a creative, user-friendly adventure and empowers the design and manufacturing process with the ability to create 3D virtual garments using 2D pattern input.

About Scanvec Garment Systems (SGS)
SGS specialises in developing powerful, easy-to-operate, software packages used in the apparel and sewn products industries for digitising, pattern engineering, grading, marking and automatic nesting. SGS' Microsoft Windows based open architecture system enables SGS users to interface with a wide range of software and hardware. SGS is a subsidiary of Scanvec Ltd, a leading provider of CAD/CAM software solutions for the sign making, machining and imaging industries with over 15,000 worldwide customers.