Garment manufacturers in Chennai and Tirupur are to benefit from a new e-business project by the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The chamber, along with partners Citer from Italy, Asintec from Spain and Clotefi from Greece, will distribute advanced and tailored e-business devices to manufacturers in the region, in a bid to aid the Indian and European textile and clothing production chain.

The project's first phase, co-financed by the European Commission under the ASIA-IT&C program, will see the formation of a web-based "virtual market place" to allow for secure, real-time technical information exchange between Indian and European textile companies.

"The global project aims at improving the communication standards between European and Indian small and medium enterprises of the (textile and clothing) sector production chain," the chamber's Chennai regional committee spokesperson Dr Sauro Mezzetti said.

"This will increase their competitiveness in the business to business relations at the international level.

"The virtual market place is structured within a business to business strategy to improve the links between suppliers (and) sub-suppliers with manufacturers and producers along the chain of the (textile and clothing) sector."

The project will be launched next week with about 20 companies from Italy, Spain and Greece, and 25 Indian companies as the initial partners.