e7th ( www.e7th.com ), the provider of secure supply chain technology solutions for the footwear and fashion apparel industries, has added Aerosoles men's division, Diesel, Nina and Nickels to its one-stop online ordering and merchandising center. e7th is a secure online ordering system for the industry that manages both in-season and off-price merchandise. Currently, there are 35 member brands that have joined e7th's wholesale multi-vendor online transaction catalog. The in-season catalog, launching at the end of September, will also feature brands such as Rocky Shoes & Boots and Portania. e7th's retailer membership is said to purchase approximately 14 per cent (or $3.5 billion) of the annual wholesale footwear market.Jay Margolis, chairman and CEO of e7th said: "By linking up buyers and sellers via e7th, we can drive down the cost of transactions and going to market by up to 30 per cent. As we continue to add new retailers to our secure online ordering and merchandising system, we're able to help these brands generate significant cost savings and economies of scale which translate into increased profits that drop to the bottom line." Among the key benefits for these brands are that they will be able to extend their reach and accept electronic orders from the more than 8000 retail doors signed up to do business via e7th. With e7th, Aerosoles men's division and Nina join premier brands such as Diesel and Nickels in a secure online ordering center where they can post their merchandise in a confidential environment and grant access only to specific retailers that they have pre-approved.