The European Commission has been accused of ignoring feedback about anti-dumping duties on imports of leather shoes from China and Vietnam, after sending Member States its final conclusions into the investigation the day after industry concerns were filed.

The Foreign Trade Association (FTA), which represents retailers and importers in Europe, said it was "amazed" at the news, which came a day after it filed a "substantial" response to the Commission's 80-page General Disclosure Document on the matter.

"On Tuesday morning we submitted a 36 page document containing 215 questions and arguments disputing the Commission's preliminary proposal," said FTA's legal advisor, Stuart Newman.

"To learn that the Commission was able to consider all the questions and verify all the arguments by Wednesday evening was a surprise.

"However, it is, frankly speaking, preposterous that the result of that exercise is that the Commission's final conclusions are unchanged from its preliminary conclusions."

Mr Newman was referring to the fact that the Commission is obliged to consider the comments by all interested parties before sending its final proposal to Member States.

Since several parties filed their concerns there have been allegations that these submissions have been ignored.

FTA secretary general Jan Eggert added: "I cannot believe that a genuine and thorough assessment of the arguments put forward by European retailers and importers has taken place.

"The only sensible conclusion one can draw is that the Commission has, once again, placed the needs of the few Community producers ahead of the needs of the many Community retailers and importers.

"I now call upon Member States to make an assessment more corresponding to the economic reality than that conducted by the Commission and vote against the continuation of these duties."

Member states are due to decide later this year whether to back the Commission's recommended 15-month extension of the anti-dumping levies, which originally began in 2006 and were extended pending a review last year.