Over the last six years Ecko Unlimited's domestic sales have grown from $170,000 in 1994 to $150 million this year. In the last 18 months alone, the company has expanded its product offering to include womenswear, shoes, bags, functional outerwear, leather outwear, underwear and gloves in addition to its mainstay menswear collection. Furthermore, Ecko Unlimited has recently opened distributorships in Australia, Japan, France, Germany, England and Canada contributing to an additional $40 million in revenue. Underscoring this phenomenal growth is the fact that the company is wholly owned by three partners all of whom are under 30 years old.

Each of Ecko Unlimited's three principals concentrates on distinct areas within the business to make the operation successful. Marc Ecko (27 years old) the company's namesake is CEO and leads design and corporate direction. Marci Tapper (27 years old) Marc's twin sister is the company's Executive Vice President in charge of production and operations and Seth Gerszberg (28 years old) is the President and overseas finance and corporate development.

Despite humble beginnings of selling six t-shirt designs on consignment to clothing stores in the tri-state area, Ecko Unlimited today has evolved into a design powerhouse selling department stores such as Macy's and Nordstrom's as well as 1800 additional department and specialty retail stores across the country. Despite the principals inexperience in apparel design and production Ecko Unlimited has successfully positioned itself alongside such distinguished brands as Polo Jeans, Tommy Jeans and Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Recently filmmaker Spike Lee shot a mocumentary for the company's Fall 2000 runway show that showcased Marc Ecko's quirky design inspiration. Today Ecko Unlimited product can be seen worn on celebrities, from actors and filmmakers to rap musicians and professional extreme sport athletes.

The momentum the brand has gained has been astonishing. By comparison last years sales were just 50 million domestically. Success however has not come easy. In fact just three years ago in 1997 the company had accumulated losses exceeding 5 million dollars. Says, Tapper, "We had to learn everything on our own, every road we could have gone down.... We did. We missed every caution sign along the way." Adds Gerszberg, "Over the last 6 years we have learned a lot about universal commercial codes, business, trust, trademarking and contract law. While many of our experiences have been fairly unsavory we have ultimately been fortunate enough to survive them all and gain the education necessary to position ourselves where we are today."