Eddie Bauer is relaunching the daypack section of its website with Metastream's visualisation technology MTS3. For the first time, Eddie Bauer will use interactive 3D and other rich media to showcase its daypack collection, a major selling product line and a significant part of the online store. Eight day packs are currently presented in Metastream's enhanced 3D technology which enables consumers to view the day packs from any angle, zoom in to examine detailed features and textures, or - with Metastream's transparency feature - to see through the outer pockets of the daypacks and see pockets hidden beneath. Eddie Bauer chose Metastream to effectively demonstrate the many features of its daypack Collection and to offer consumers a compelling in-store shopping experience online."With the re-launch of our website, Eddie Bauer is raising the bar, moving the business forward and maximising our opportunity to present products in a way that best works with the channel," said Sally McKenzie, division vice president, Interactive Merchandising and Operations for Eddie Bauer. "Metastream is a partner that we believe will help us deliver a more brand-focused, customer-centric site. The tools they provide allow customers to make a better and easier purchasing decision.""By providing our customers with enhanced 3D experience technology, Metastream transforms what has traditionally been a flat, passive end-user web experience and enables e-merchants to communicate their brand essence visually in a dramatic new way," said Paul Kadin, chief marketing officer of Metastream. Metastream gives Eddie Bauers' customers an uninterrupted shopping experience. Through Metastream's capacity to seamlessly incorporate 3D objects within the web page, online shoppers are now able to view, customize and interact with products from a single page without having to switch between 3D objects and product descriptions or navigate through multiple pop-up windows.