WorkerApp can help improve factory performance and strengthen the recovery of retail supply chains from Covid-19

WorkerApp can help improve factory performance and strengthen the recovery of retail supply chains from Covid-19

A smartphone-based education app developed by Fung Group's knowledge and innovation unit has been acquired by business risk and sustainability solutions provider Elevate to boost communication between factory workers and supervisors.

The WorkerApp engagement tool equips workers with knowledge and skills and drives engagement between workers and managers via feedback, training, and surveys. It also offers managers real time visibility into their workforce and can help improve factory performance.

Created by the Fung Academy, the tool digitises worker insights, learning, and engagement, while strengthening workplace management processes and digital connectivity across the supply chain.

Launched in 2018, it is currently used by over 50 factories in Vietnam, Indonesia and India. It is available in 7 languages including English and has over 300 pieces of educational content including animations, lessons, presentation and bite-sized learning tips. 

As part of the agreement, Elevate will further develop the App, as well as scale its reach to additional countries and languages.

WorkerApp will be integrated into the capacity building and advisory services operated by Elevate, including its EiQ analytics platform, eLearning and EiQ Supplier Solutions. Elevate brand and retail clients can use the platform to leverage an effective external worker engagement channel and increase visibility across their supply chains.

For suppliers, the WorkerApp can push essential communication like a Covid-19 Health Declaration Survey to all workers to screen their health status. Workers who qualify as low risk can return to work. This helps protect worker safety and supports business continuity.

"Now more than ever, companies need direct engagement with workers, 365 days a year. With better insights from WorkerApp, factory management can increase employee engagement and morale, and enhance communication between workers and supervisors – all helping boost employee retention and productivity," said Heather Canon, Elevate vice president of capacity building. 

"Mobile-led, bite-sized learning will be a key part of people's development and organisational adaptation in a digital economy," adds Pamela Mar, executive vice president, knowledge and applications, Fung Academy. 

Under the agreement, while the programming and platforms behind WorkerApp are transferred to Elevate, all factories and distribution centres using WorkerApp will maintain access without interruption.