A Swedish textile technology that enables embroidery thread to be coloured instantly during the embroidery process is to be made available as an attachment that will work with any existing embroidery machine.

Coloreel is partnering with Finnish manufacturer Scanfil to produce the thread colouring attachment, which has the potential to improve efficiency in the textile supply chain.

Coloreel Embroline instantly colours a white base thread during embroidery production, enabling more freedom to create unique embroideries without any limitations on the use of colours. 

As well as manufacturing and product development, Scanfil will also support all the logistics around the machines, and ensure suppliers meet or exceed all environmental requirements.

The manufacturing of the new attachments will take place in Sweden during the first year of production.

Textile, fashion and sportswear companies are expected to be the first to adopt the new technology.

Coloreel was among the most exciting developments named at last year's Texprocess trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

The company explained that using only one single thread – instead of up to 16 standard pre-coloured threads on traditional machines – results in vastly increased production efficiency (no re-threading or velocity losses due to thread cuts and needle position changes), drastically reduced thread stocks (as only one base thread per embroidery head and ink cartidges are used), and higher quality embroidery (the reduced need for thread cuts means a minimum of lock-stitches on the back of the textile).

It added that using Embroline can help the textile industry to lower its environmental impact as it minimises waste, utilises water efficiency and disposes no dye into wastewater. In addition, manufacturers only colour the exact amount of thread they need for each order.

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