ENFASHION, a multi-channel retailing solutions provider, today announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with E-Color, the standard for colour quality on the web.

The alliance will enable ENFASHION to provide a more realistic virtual try-on and fitting-room experience by offering compatibility with the leading colour correction technology from E-Color. This comprehensive solution will boost consumer confidence in online apparel purchases.

"According to studies done by Media Metrix and PricewaterhouseCoopers,
83 per cent of online consumers don't trust the colours they see on their monitors and 81 per cent maintain that the biggest problem with buying apparel online is the inability to try on clothing before purchasing," said Sheree Waterson, CEO of ENFASHION. "We are integrating our technologies to offer more compelling packages to potential multi-channel retailers," she continued. "ENFASHION's core competencies, fit and visualisation, combined with E-Color's colour corrected imaging will instill greater confidence in Internet purchasing by the consumer."

Initial compatibility research complete, the technology bundle is expected to be available next year.

ENFASHION develops and markets enabling technology and infrastructure software essential to the multi-channel retail apparel industry. Its proprietary technology platform includes VTryOn technology, Universal Body ID and the Virtual Wardrobe. ENFASHION enables the client to integrate and synchronise their distribution channels, while providing a broad range of products and services such as virtual try on for clothing and accessories, targeted marketing, data mining, and real time suggestive selling.

About E-Color
E-Color's products and services enable e-commerce sites to build brand and loyalty, and to increase conversion and retention rates for B2C and B2B companies. Leading retail sites such as Bloomingdale's, Home Depot's National Blind & Wallpaper Factory, Visualize and numerous others have licensed E-Color's web technology. For more information, visit www.ecolor.com.