Software specialist Visual 2000 has added new and enhanced capabilities to its Visual End-End fashion solution to help omni-channel retailers, brands and distributors manage all sales channels and supporting operations in a single integrated system.

"As retailers and brands alike embrace the growing opportunities online, they face major challenges in integrating these new channels into their core financial and operational business systems," explains Charles Benoualid, Visual 2000 VP of research and development.

"They must accurately and consistently manage the flow of product, pricing, order, inventory and other critical content across all channels in real-time.

"By bringing all information and processes together in one system, our End-2-End solution gives large enterprises and small businesses the power and simplicity needed to run their entire single or multi-channel operation."

Additions and improvements include an easy-to-manage ecommerce solution; a free iPad App for mobile sales teams; new POS Systems; full vendor and third party logistics (3PL) integration; and enhanced warehouse management.