German firm Enka has become the first viscose filament yarn producer to undergo a CanopyStyle audit, demonstrating it has taken action to remove potential risks of sourcing from ancient and endangered forests in its supply chain.

The results of the independent audit to track the company's progress in implementing the Pulp Sourcing Policy have been published by environmental non-profit organisations Rainforest Alliance and Canopy.

The report shows Enka has been categorised as low risk for sourcing from ancient and endangered forests and other controversial sources.

"The Rainforest Alliance verification audit provides evidence confirming that Enka is investing in work and resources to implement the commitments of its policy consistent with the solutions and targets of the CanopyStyle Initiative. Some challenges remain to fully implement the commitment throughout the company's supply chain. Additional work is required to fully meet all of the critical and progressive criteria," the report states.

Enka's wood sourcing is from one sole supplier, whose dissolving pulp manufacturing facilities are located in Sweden.

The company manufactures viscose yarns (multi-filament yarns) from pure cellulose under the trademark Enka Viscose in different make-ups for textile fabric producers. Enka's production and central warehouse is located in Industriecenter Obernburg, Germany; the largest chemical fibres manufacturing site in Western Europe. An additional textile treatment plant is located in Gorzow, Poland.

In order to fully meet all of the critical and progressive criteria of the CanopyStyle commitment, the reports makes a number of recommendations for Enka, including developing a strategic plan to increase FSC certified sourcing.

It also suggests the company set clear targets and timelines to increase FSC intake over time, with a focus on FSC 100%.

"It is expected that a commitment towards the R&D and promotion of alternative fibres will be reconsidered and inserted into the company's forest sourcing policy and strategic planning," the report adds. "As mentioned in the CanopyStyle audit framework, the company is expected to notify Canopy should it decide to expand its supplier list beyond the current source.