Royal Blue brand owner and private label producer BM Merchandising Co (BM Group) is implementing Simparel's cloud-based enterprise solution to support its growth and streamline operations.

BM Group develops young men's street wear, and holds in-house labels for wholesale. Its Royal Blue for men and boys as well as Royal Blue Juniors brands are sold in more than 1,000 stores across the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.

The all-in-one software solution will help provide measurable improvements and propel more efficient growth by eliminating redundancies, improving inventory accuracy, reducing order error rates, as well as giving BM Group the ability to better report and analyse all aspects of its operational and financial performance.

The company will also use the integrated ERP, PLM, SCM, WMS and other software modules from Simparel to support its New Jersey-based private label business and China-based manufacturing and supply chain operations.

These will be deployed across the company's entire design and development, sourcing and production, sales and marketing, warehousing and distribution teams and processes.

“With our rapid growth, we recognised the need for a more capable and integrated business system,” said Royal Blue Apparel vice president Beili Liu.