A patented toe cap with aluminium alloy containing titanium, offering a lightweight and durable alternative to the traditional steel toe cap, has been developed by Esjot Group, a specialist in metallic safety components for the footwear industry.

The toe cap has been created using liquid forging technology which offers variable gauge thickness while maintaining a good shape and dimension.

Conforming to the EN12568 Standard, the new aluminium toe cap is said to absorb more energy on impact than steel, yet its lightweight properties (200 joules approved) offer greater comfort and freedom.

It is non-magnetic, making it ideal for the electronics industry, and corrosion resistant, even when uncoated. The toe cap can also be treated with a special coating to provide non-conductive properties.

Giampaolo Civatti, managing director of Esjot Group - which is part of Texon International - says the aluminium toe caps "form an important part of Texon's quest for greater recyclability of products in the footwear arena."

The aluminium toe caps create less waste and five times less energy than steel to recycle.

They have also been designed to be interchangeable with steel toe caps enabling manufacturers to replace steel toe cap models easily, without changing the footwear design or manufacturing process.