The US District Court in Seattle has concluded that Esquel Apparel did not willfully infringe certain patents of Taltech Limited relating to the manufacture of pucker-free seams on wrinkle-free shirts.
The court ruled in favour in favour of the Hong Kong-based cotton shirt manufacturer after Taltech and TAL Apparel first issued the complaint in April 2004.

Key points of the court's findings included the ruling that Esquel did not infringe the asserted claims, and that Taltech's patent was unenforceable because the inventor committed "inequitable conduct" before the US Patent Office during the patent application process, Esquel said.
In addition, Esquel said there was clear and convincing evidence that the case was an "exceptional case", based on "inequitable conduct", and that Taltech and TAL Apparel were to pay Esquel's reasonable attorney fees.