estyle Inc, an online lifestyle retailer serving the shopping needs of women at key stages of their lives, is to use the MediaBin content management software to catalog, update, and distribute product images for its and websites. "estyle's mission is to provide innovative, lifestyle-based shopping solutions for today's busy woman," said David Besemer, chief technology officer of estyle. "MediaBin allows us to provide our customers with images of the latest products the moment they are available." The MediaBin platform, developed by Iterated Systems Inc, in Atlanta, enables an online retailer like to take product images from many different sources and 'normalize' these images to conform to both the website design and their high quality standards. By using the MediaBin platform, they can easily format, store, retrieve, and update hundreds of product images automatically. The speed and automation provided by MediaBin should enable estyle to update its product offerings quickly, to be more responsive to market demands, and to scale its business without scaling costs.