, the personal tour guide of the Web, today launched "eTour Shopping" in anticipation of the online holiday shopping season. eTour Shopping will allow all online consumers, including eTour's 3.9 million registered members, to take an eTour of editor-selectedwebsites in more than 90 different shopping categories. eTour shoppers can choose between standard shopping categories, fromclothing to electronics to toys, or special categories designed by eTour's editors. With eTour's simplified web navigation solution, shoppers are then guided directly to a different website within that category, one click at a time. The new service removes the frustrating stops and starts of shopping with search engines.eTour president and CEO, Roger Barnette, said: "Shopping online issupposed to save you from the hassles of shopping in real life.Unfortunately, with millions of sites out there and only search engines to help us find them, the promise of the Internet hasn't been fulfilled in this area. eTour Shopping takes care of that. It's the closest thing the Internet offers to the ease of window-shopping."Barnette continued: "For online merchants, eTour Shopping can guarantee delivery of targeted consumers directly to their websites, instead of relying on the possibility of a click-thru on a banner advertisement."