Textile and garment chiefs from around the world will gather in Brussels next year for a symposium on the future of textiles and clothing trade ahead of the phasing out of all quotas by 2005.

Organised by the European Commission, the May 5-6 meeting will feature participants from trade and industry representatives, senior policy makers of governments and international organisations, trade unionists, and representatives of non-government organisations and consumers.

It will be called ''The Future of Textiles and Clothing Trade after 2005'' and will be of great interest to EU textile and clothing chiefs as the sector employs directly over 2.1 million people and enjoys an annual turnover of 200 billion euros.

Commenting on the event, EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy said: ''I hope this gathering of all major actors in this field will provide a useful input on what we want the future world trade policy on textiles to be."