The European Branded Clothing Alliance is urging the European Commission to deliver on its free trade agenda, take global value chains into account and not to include too many policy objectives unrelated to trade.

The EBCA, together with the European Retail Round Table and the Foreign Trade Association, have published a position paper outlining their general take on trade policy.

Along with other supporting organisations, the EBCA is expected to present the paper to policy makers, including the new leadership of the Commission and members of the European Parliament. EBCA has this week started an intense meeting programme during which the paper was discussed.

In the paper, the coalition offered seven recommendations including the promotion of multilateral and plurilateral agreements.

"Our coalition believes it is imperative to quickly implement the Trade Facilitation Agreement, reach a balanced and satisfactory outcome on non-agricultural market access and make progress on agricultural issues. We also encourage the EU to advance plurilateral initiatives such as the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)."

Other recommendations include delivering bilateral trade agreements, the promotion of global value chains and simplified rules of origin, and removing third country barriers and promoting regulatory convergence.

Enhancing the coherence and complementarity between the EU's internal and external policies, and protecting intellectual property rights were also offered as recommendations.