EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson has emphasised that he won't rush into a decision on safeguard limits for exports of Chinese textiles and clothing.

Mandelson followed up a meeting with Chinese Commerce Minister Bo Xilai by vowing that the EU would not become embroiled in a trade war, but gave no indication that the issue is near to being resolved.

He said that he would stick to both the facts of the situation and the rules that governed it when making any decisions.

A number of EU nations are urging executive body of the EU, the EC, to take steps to prevent further surges of Chinese exports after global trade quotas expired at the start of 2005.

The EC last week kickstarted a probe into the exports increase, which could lead to formal discussions with China to ask it restrict its exports.

But Bo says that safeguard quotas are discriminatory and not justified.

He  argues that neither the EU nor the US, which is also taking action against the rise in exports, have sufficient evidence of market disruption.