Testing firm Eurofins Softlines and Leather has expanded its testing capabilities after two facilities in China were awarded new accreditations.

Part of the Eurofins Consumer Product Testing (CPT) division, the Softlines and Leather unit provides quality, safety and sustainability solutions for textiles and footwear buyers and suppliers. It operates a network of ten laboratories in Asia, Europe and the US, with two Technical Competence Centres in Spain and the UK.

Its Hangzhou and Shanghai sites were recognised by the China National Accreditation Service (CNAS).

The laboratory in Hangzhou has received over 200 new accreditations from CNAS, which relate mostly to analysis of textile and leather products with popular mechanical testing standards, such as GB/T 22853-2019 for knitted sportswear, GB/T 32614-2016 for water-resistant outdoor garments, FZ/T 73043-2012 for knitted shirts, and QB/T 2858-2007 for schoolbags.

With accreditation secured, the laboratory also develops new China GB testing standards for overseas and domestic customers, such as GB/T 22583-2009 for radiation-resistant knitwear, GB/T 22845-2009 for anti-electrostatic gloves, and FZ/T 73039-2010 for rubberised vibration-proof gloves.

The new accreditations secured by the laboratory in Shanghai also cover common chemical testing items, such as EN 17132:2019 determination of PAH, EN 17131:2019 determination of DMF, EN 17130:2019 determination of DMFu, and EN ISO 17226-1:2019 determination of formaldehyde, offering a wider test selection to customers.

"These new accreditation services strengthen the robust capabilities of our testing network in China, which covers a wide range of mechanical and chemical tests for various testing standards," Eurofins Softlines and Leather said.